About Us

STIG Magazine is an online magazine that tackles individuals from across the globe under the Arts, Design, and everything related to the process of creating a life driven by passion.

Composed of inspirational works, stories and exclusive interviews, thus creating “Timeless Editions” that we can keep coming back to, and be reminded to love what we do, or find one that we love to do.

STIG Magazine aims to fuel DESIRE so we may dare to ACHIEVE our dreams, and INSPIRE others to do the same. It’s a cycle. It’s infectious. It is what STIG Magazine’s made of.

Composed of different people from all over the world, uniting in one movement, and that is, to break barriers by sharing their stories and works, so it may instigate change amongst us, especially those who are in a pursuit of happiness and purpose. Ideas that are turned into dreams, dreams into goals, goals into action, and they are breathing through STIG Magazine… page per page.